About Us

Est. Aug 2001

Owners: Pat & Cindy Bice

How we got our start.

In 2001, Cindy was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, an often debilitating disease of the bladder with no known cause and as of yet, no cure.  This meant a drastic diet change with no acidic foods and no additives, preservatives or artificial coloring’s or flavorings, only wholesome foods and pure water.

She has since been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s  Thyroiditis an auto immune disease, Vulvodynia ,gluten intolerance and Fibromyalgia.

Pat took a job transfer from Iowa to Wisconsin where they bought a small ranch and decided to raise their own wholesome food.

Pat grew up on a farm and Cindy owned and operated a holistic pet styling business where she could see first hand the many benefits of organic foods.

Cindy has been a health researcher and teacher for 35+ years and continues to do so today.

Pat & Cindy started to raise critters for themselves that have no hormones or unnecessary antibiotics and not raised around pesticides or herbicides.  They are fed plenty of grass and natural wholesome food and are raised outdoors in plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

The animals are only as good as they are raised: fresh, natural and wholesome and with plenty of tender loving care. Taste the difference for yourself.  We’re sure that you’ll agree.