Food Items

  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Pastured Pork
  • Grass Fed Lamb
  • Pastured Poultry
  • Pastured Turkeys
  • Smoked Birds
  • Ducks, Geese and Guineas when available
  • Goat Meat
  • Sugar free line of meats including sugar free bacon and ham, just be sure to ask

-We have a complete line of gluten free products.

Household Items

  • Concentrated natural laundry soap (No dyes, or toxic perfumes)
  • Head to toe goat milk shampoo bars

About our Natural Household Products

We have developed our own very concentrated natural laundry soap called Non-Scents. This is not a detergent and has no dyes or toxic perfumes and actually knocks the smell out of your laundry for truly clean and softer laundry instead of covering with heavy toxic perfumes.

We have also developed a very nice line of 100% goat’s milk shampoo bars that can be used from head to toe!

Instead of several containers to use and throw away, now you have 1 shampoo bar and very little waste!

Shampoo bars can also be purchased with no scent by special order.

Since we deal with people with some very serious health problems, getting rid of chemicals in their personal care products and cleaning products has become very important to us.