Rave Reviews

I have been a good friend of Cindy Bice for many years and she started talking about making her own shampoo bars now for awhile and wanting me to try them.

I was a little unsure. I am a hairstylist so I am used to the normal shampoos we use at the shop everyday and at home and I just didn’t know how I was going to feel about a bar of shampoo and how my hair was going to be with something handcrafted.

Well I tried it and I really like it! Definitely different getting used to using a bar instead of the normal liquid but it works. My long hair actually feels very nice. It is soft and even for my color treated hair it doesn’t fade out my color at all.

So to my surprise I really like them and plan on using them in the future. Thanks Cindy!

Heather Wells

5th Street Hair Studio

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Before I started using the Magic Milk Maid shampoo bar, I was using a commercial shampoo. Even though my hair is wavy and thicker and very long, it would get greasy just the next day after I washed it. Now that I use the Magic Milk Maid shampoo bar, I don’t get greasy chemical buildup in my hair and I can go up to 3 days without washing it- which is much more healthy for my hair. I use the Dragons Blood scent, and I love it! It’s earthy and kind of spicy. Plus, it’s a scent that actually stays in my hair.
Sincerely,Emily Hoffmans Long Hair Picture

Emily Hoffmann
Stevens Point Wisconsin

Cindy, Love your soaps! Two items I’m particularly fussy about are laundry soap and shampoo. Always searching for simple, pure products. Your laundry soap is the best ever! Although it has no fragrance added, the clothes have a fresh, clean smell. No fabric softener is necessary as the clothes come out wrinkle-free. And, white dog hair doesn’t cling anymore. A few comments I almost forgot:  Your care in choosing high quality, substantial containers for the laundry soap is greatly appreciated.  And, that beautiful 2 tablespoon scooper!  Nice labels – pretty and waterproof.

The stain remover (nice container) works magic on any stain.  It dispenses out of that container very nicely. It was a bold move for me to shampoo my crowning glory with your shampoo bar, and now I’m hooked for life! I do like the second, even more moisturizing formula you made since my hair is extremely dry.My hair is about six inches grown out from semi-permanent hair color (Natural Instincts), and it is much drier on the ends 🙂  Yours is the first shampoo ever that doesn’t leave my hair fly-away. Now, I can shampoo every couple of days and have lustrous hair. And, my hair is so soft. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And, Pat, I couldn’t imagine life without your soup bones, eggs, pork, chicken… it is a whole new life-giving way of eating. Thank you so much!


Nancy Levy
Nekoosa, Wisconsin

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for Cindy and Pat are my neighbors and are great. One day Cindy was down fishing in my pond and we started talking about different things. She asked about what type of laundry detergent I used and I told her I use a brand name detergent with as little dye and fragrance as possible. I explained that I have a lot of allergies and it would be easier to list what I’m not allergic to than the other way around. Cindy explained that she made laundry soap and a shampoo bar that I should try. I reluctantly agreed to try them after some more convincing. I was a little skeptical about their ability to get my clothes and body clean as I tend to get abnormally dirty and greasy. Wow was I pleasantly surprised. The laundry soap got my clothes clean with a fresh natural smell; no small task. The shampoo bar also beat my expectations by cleaning my hair and body without drying out my skin. All of this happened without any allergic reactions.

Thank you Cindy and Pat for all of your help and information on soap and laundry detergent.

Chris Lindemood
Vesper, Wisconsin

Hi Cindy,
The shampoo bar works well, no need for any conditioner at all!. A lot softer then with store bought conditioner. Smells wonderful and even bathroom smells great. I did use it on my body too and felt soft.

Thank you!

Karen Freiberg
Neenah Wisconsin

Hi Cindy,
I like the shampoo bar very much.  My hair isn’t as dry and it is much smoother.  The shampoo seems to have the right amount of oil which makes my hair feel softer too.

Thank you!

Donna Moore
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Hi Cindy,
Recently, my dog had diarrhea that stuck to her fur. She sat on a pillow and soiled it.
Since there was a large section of stain, I thought I would test the Farm Stain Remover against Spray and wash which I normally use.
After washing, the Farm Stain Remover Side was as good as new, where the Spray and Wash side had shadows of the stain left.

Thank you for this product!

Sherri Kammueller
Kellner Wisconsin

Hello Cindy,
Thank you for the laundry soap, I washed the bedding with it and I cannot believe how soft it is, plus my eyes don’t well up from fragrances.
Liesl Gansh
Stevens Point, WI

 Pat & Cindy,

The simple, no-scent laundry soap is exactly what I was looking for when doing laundry for The Main Grain Bakery. Our towels, washcloths, & aprons (that tend to catch dry dough, frosting, chocolate, etc) are thoroughly clean every time! Even though it is a fragrance free product, the laundry comes out smelling nice. I am happy to reduce waste & use this clean, earth-friendly product. Thank you!
Sarah Jo Karoses
The Main Grain Bakery
Stevens Point, WI

Since I don’t have a washing machine, I use the laundry soap for hand washing my clothes- scrubbing my bath tub and generally making attempts to being clean and it’s AMAZING!
The shampoo bar makes my sweaty, greasy, stinky hair in to something that would make the Herbal Essences girl cry and it does a nice job on my skin as well.
Thank you!

Susan Kennon
Stevens Point Wisconsin

I love the shampoo bar. My hair is softer without the waxy coating that commercial shampoo and conditioner leaves. And one bar of soap makes the bathroom smell nice all of the time. I have grape and cannot wait to try other scents.

We also purchased summer sausage and bacon at the farmers market and they have such wonderful flavor.

Thank you for your products

Christine Dorn
Waupun Wisconsin

Bice’s also have the absolute best handmade goat’s milk soap. The bars come in fabulous scents …and also in two skin/hair types. I also use it to shave my legs as it has a wonderful lather and moisturizes well. I buy both types of soaps, moisturizing for my skin and oil absorbing for my hair. Rumor has it they are coming out with a grapefruit scent! I can’t wait to try it! Right now the lavender is my favorite but the mint is so awesomely refreshing after a long super hot and humid day…….especially when I come home covered in sand and dust smelling like horse! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this soap! Buy some! You’ll be so happy you did!

Bonnie Anderson-Kopplin