Reviews from Local Harvest


By: Pete Baisden

O my goodness. i was exposed to the bices bacon recipe through a recent order and can say that this product is the epitome of the smoky and sweet midwest bacon. I also found that the absence of nitrites and nitrates was very refreshing. After trying other products, the hungarian sausages to name one, i am officially hooked. thanks so much for putting good meat back into the system!

Best brats

By: Tamara Baker

Bice’s is a wonderful farm with gorgeous, happy animals. Their meat is delicious and nutritious as a result of the kind treatment their animals receive. I would recommend Bice’s to any meat lover in the central sands and beyond.

Feel Good about the food you eat

By: Susan Kennon

As a college kid, most of my food comes mystery sources such as bent and dent grocery stores and walmart, though the plus side is – I can compliment my surreal amount of mystery mush with protein from Bices Quality Critter’s, where I have been working since there was snow on the ground. In short, Pat and Cindy ROCK! They love and care for all their animals, even the chickens that run amuck. They are both as weird and quirky as I am, which makes me feel at home every time I am out there cleaning pens, hauling hay, wrangling pigs, and numerous other chores around the farm. As I tell people about the great farm I work at, they often ask “how can you eat the animals you care for?” and I tell them, I know that these animals were raised with love for all of their lives from the time hit the ground to the time they go off to the processor. Which is something I cannot say for the millions of other animals that are in grocery stores. All and all, after slaving away at school, Its a great place to come, work hard, socialize and watch the goats and sheep boing away in the sunset.

Happy goats from Bices Quality Critter Ranch

By: Colleen Kiefer

The Bices have created a wonderfully warm environment for both their animals and the workers on their farm. As worker share at their farm over the past year I got to watch first hand the love in which each of their goats, sheep, cows, chickens and pigs came into the world, and the happy lives they lived wandering around the large grass pastures playing and eating all day long. It always made me smile to watch the goats and pigs start running along the road in their pasture chasing Pat’s truck every time he would come home from work. Pat and Cindy are the hardest workers I have ever met and incredibly savvy with recognizing even the slightest ailment in any of their animals. They truly love these animals in a way I never thought possible. It amazes me to this day how Cindy can recite every last goats name and how they will come to her when she calls them. The best meals I have ever eaten in my life have been based on meat from the Bices Quality Critter Ranch, and it makes sense; there’s a big spoonful of love in every bite.